Covid-19 info

COVID-19 Information


For your safety and ours, please read all information placed around the pub and adhere to all markings.

You will need to wait at the front door to be seated and we will only be offering table service.

You will be required to fill out a form with basic information for the government track and trace system. Please be aware of who and what is around you and respect other customers space. 

Be aware of the staff walking around, any queries please ask a member of staff.

Wash and santise your hands where you can at the stations dotted around.

Toilets are one at a time, unless you are from the same group, it might be worth letting a staff member know to check they are free. Toilets will be cleaned regularly so please be aware of staff cleaning

The menu will be on black boards around the pub and when paying, the prefered way is contactless or card.

The outside area is partially covered, heated and well lit, we suggest that if you use the garden that you have appropriate clothing, if it should rain and there is no space inside the pub then you will have to stay where you are

(this is based on restrictions given to us by the government)

We are living in strange times and everything we are doing is for your safety. Please be patient and curteous towards all staff

Bad behaviour or rudeness will not be tolerated and you will be asked to leave, If you have clearly had too much to drink you will not be served, this will not be open to discussion as the barperson will have the final say.